Annual Solar Power Generation and Income


For the first 12 months of solar power generation, we scored 17,228 kilowatt hours, which is 86 percent of the target ( the “ideal”). This is good. It means just over $11,000 of income for the year.

Solar Panels Annual Maintenance

Toggle switch that table-tops the solar array to work on it.

Well, now that the wasp’s nest on our solar panels has been destroyed, time has come for annual maintenance of our system. This comes in two parts, lubrication and bolt tightening.

September is Still Sunny


September. Despite the ominous foreboding of cold winter months and little income from our solar panels, September was still a very positive month for solar power generation. Not even the wasp invasion could spoil that!

Solar Powered Wasps?


If wasps ruled Hollywood, this blog post would be the trailer for a fall disaster blockbuster. One could imagine them powering their gadgets directly from our solar panels, until disaster struck.

August Solar Income Report


I made a point of ignoring the meter all month. August was a smash success. The moral of the story? Don’t watch the meter.

July is Solar Party Month in Ontario


No doubt about it, July was our best month generating solar power yet. If there is any month you want to get the highest percentage possible, it’s the big month.

My solar panels are for the birds!


A bird’s nest? In my solar panels? I wondered, “What happens to the eggs when the solar array table-tops?”

Canada Day Solar Report


At the end of May, I reported that out meter read 7693 kilowatt hours in what was our strongest solar power generating month yet. Last night, after the sun went down (OK, technically it was this morning – a few minutes after midnight), it read 9661. So we generated 1968 kilowatt hours – just five…

May Solar Power Generation Data


At the end of April, I reported that out meter read 5720 kilowatt hours. Last night, once the sun went down, it read 7693. So we generated 1973 kilowatt hours. That is still short of the 2151 projected by PVwatts. It is 91.7 percent – much better than any other month, so far, but still shy of what we would have hoped.

FIT and MicroFIT Renewed

The Ontario government has finally released the long-awaited review of the feed-in tariff program (FIT and MicroFIT).