Annual Solar Power Generation and Income

Sorry for missing last month’s update.  There were personal issues that simply needed attending to.

The Solar-o-metre reads 17,228 this morning.  Since there was no sun for the past couple days, we can assume that on December 1 it sported the same numbers.  At the send of September, it read 15,278.  That means in October and November combined, we generated 1950 kilowatt hours.  The target for those two months was 2017 kilowatt hours.  So we generated 96.6 percent of the target amount – not quite as good as July and August, but still one of the best months.

Keep in mind also that November is generally the low point in the year and October is generally the fourth worst month of the year.  We will weather December and January, and then things start looking brighter again.

Now let’s look now at our annual record.  Just as a reminder, we hooked up to the grid November 25, 2011.  But that first week was pure clouds.  So for practical purposes, we are measuring progress from December 1, which really does make things easier.

The annual target for electricity generation is 20,033 kilowatt hours. We generated 17,228, which is 86 percent.  So any month over 86 percent of the target was a good month, and any month below was a bad month.  For 2013, we are hoping for 12 good months!

At a rate of $0.642/kilowatt hour, we generated $11,060.38 in our first 12 months.  If that is representative of all twenty years of our contract, we should earn 221,207.52.  Of course, half of that will be go to paying off the equipment and installation, as well as insurance and some maintenance costs

Of course, the “money months” that are most important to do well in are July, June, May and March.  In 2012, we hit above average for three of those months; a malfunction in March cost us a bit.  So I am hoping that in 2013, we can ring up 18,000 kilowatt hours.


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