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What is a kilowatt hour?


You might be answering the title question with a big “Who cares?” But if you generate solar power to feed in to the grid, it is worth understanding how you will be paid. And you will be paid for kilowatt hours. I can give you the specs in Ontario; in other jurisdictions the numbers will vary, but the basics – especially the physics – will remain the same.

3…2…1… You Are Now Feeding the Grid!

The Hydro One guys looked something  like this.

Today, our installers arrived to “flick the switch”. That is the moment that we start feeding the Ontario electrical grid, that we start earning money. We are officially farming electricity as of a half hour ago. Finally!

Solar, the Emerging Power

global solar 2011

The big solar scandal in the USA has given some doubts as to the viability of solar power.  The scandal involves a company by the name of Solyndra, a company heavily subsidized by the US government (some say “politically” subsidized) that recently declared bankruptcy. However, let it be said that the solar industry continues to…